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About us

SMARANA means remembrance. SMARANA invests in and builds solutions that are designed to make the lives of people better, leaving an everlasting impression and thus remembrance.

This can happen only when there is a lasting impression created. The premise of SMARANA as the name of the organization is to ensure that it provides a feeling of always being on your mind; Leaving a lasting impression in any person we interact with is the most critical – be it an employee, prospective employee, customer (current or prospect), partners and anyone associated with SMARANA in any manner.

Enabling talent hunt on demand for most business critical positions or creating productfrom idea to delivery, with one integrated team.

We look strive to build long lasting relationships!

It’s simple!.

Technology Recruiters

Highly experienced Recruiters | Sourcers of the right expertise | Enablers of talent for very challenging positions.


Studio for Product & Application Development | Simplifiers of Software development.

What we do

All these brands of SMARANA are built with a common goal – Leaving an everlasting impression

All services to be offered will keep this core premise in mind. Any solution that is built will be done with a notion of making a difference to a person in their life – big or small.

If engaged in building a service solution, say, benefit solutions, unless there is a value seen in the solution by the employee, there is no cause for remembrance, lest leaving a lasting impression. Similarly, unless the software service or solution built for a client is done to demonstrate value add to the customer and aimed at customer satisfaction, there is no cause for remembrance.

Executing badly is a cause for remembrance and lasting impression (not the kind we want). This, SMARANA will strive never to happen.


SMARANA provides services in the areas of web applications and mobile applications. We are actively engaged with clients to build (or improve) their overall online presence. Ranging across web applications, mobile applications and other productivity applications, clients have started benefiting from the solutions and services provided by SMARANA.

Further, SMARANA has partnered with companies that have similar approaches and complementary offerings to bring the services of all partners to our clients, thus enabling a host of additional services and solutions to our clients.

Recruiter in a box

Designed specifically for startups and small firms, this offering is built keeping in mind the challenges and needs of a small firm. Be it a brand pitch of the company to a potential employee, managing the recruitment process or dealing with an ecosystem of external vendors.

Recruiter in a box is for you. Backed by our established team, we enable a cloud-app enabled service to provide you a strong recruitment team. With low-cost and no-cost(*) options, we can optimize the offering keeping your goals and success in mind.

Engage 'n hire

Bringing people and jobs together. That’s what we do best.

Engage ‘n Hire is a brand/entity of SMARANA Solutions. It is an independent functioning unit, though the core principles of SMARANA as an organization is inherited.

Engage ‘n Hire works with dream career seekers to help them find the best possible opportunities and with dream career providers find the best possible talent. We have different offerings and solutions that benefit organizations that are looking for talent. These are built and executed with industry leading processes and concepts that bode well with the amazing talent pool potential.

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